The One With The NEWSY Video

Welcome back to my blog! Today’s blog, I am conducting a more emotional piece. If you are an American and you follow some sort of social media platform you probably have heard of Otto Warmbier. Well if you haven’t, you probably live under a rock.

Otto Warmbier, was a college student who was detained in North Korea for taking down a propaganda poster. Warmbier was held in North Korea for 17 months until he was finally released and was able to go back to the United States. When he was released to the States, he was in a coma. North Korea stated that they gave him a sleeping pill that made Warmbier become in a vegetative state. Well after being in the states for about a week, Warmbier died June 19, 2017.

In my story  I will be addressing why he was arrested and how he died from gathering information from NEWSY. A video that I will be using as a source is: Warmbier Dies After Returning To U.S.


The One Where We Get Newsy

Welcome back to my blog! It has been awhile since my last post. Did you miss me? Ha, just kidding. Well, a lot has happened in the world since my last post and we will be talking about a great website to gather news information when you are on the go. Newsy is a news media site that was founded by students at Missouri State University. What is interesting about the site is that it is short, clear, and gives you the news without being biased. This site gives major headlines, policy, culture, and science or technology to review and watch. Also, it is very easy to use and you can follow Newsy on every form of social media. It is ran by the millennial generation which makes the site young, fresh, new, and up to date. If you are looking for a news source site that gives straight news and  not as President Trump would say, “fake news”, Newsy is the site to check into to.



The One With Hyperlocal

Welcome back to my blog ladies and gents! As you are reading my title you are probably thinking a hyperlocal is a hyper local individual. Just kidding. A hyperlocal is a news page that discusses local news, community news, and sometimes news within pop culture. So, as I explored the web for some hyperlocal news platforms I came across three awesome hyperlocal news platforms.

The first hyperlocal news platform is the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) page. The journalism review comes from Columbia University. Columbia University is in New York and is an Ivy League school. This page presented local news, school news, and even an area dedicated to President Donald Trump. The page is very updated and tech savvy with twitter links and posts.

The next hyperlocal news platform is the Nieman Journalism Lab.  The Nieman Foundation is located at Havard University. This platform discusses mostly world news and new technology advancements. I would probably not read this page as much as I would CJR because it does not catch my attention.

The third hyperlocal news platform is the Jacksonville Daily News (JDNews). The JDNews is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. This page was different from the other sites because it is not ran out of an Ivy League school. This page also gives local jobs, sports, lives, obituaries, and entertainment. This is a great page for individuals who live in the Jacksonville area or moving to the Jacksonville area. However, it does not benefit anyone outside the area.



The One With the Traveling Pics

Welcome back to my blog! This week my blog post is going to be about photojournalism and I am so pumped for it! One of my favorite hobbies is taking photography so, being able to have a journalism piece about pictures I have taken is quite amazing.

My focus on my photojournalism piece is travel. Traveling is such a huge part of my life and who I am. Traveling is so special because an individual can embrace themselves in different cultures and lifestyles and see how diverse the world really is. I am going to incorporate my travel pictures from around the world to make one big journalism piece called, “The Melting Pot”. From ancient times to modern times the world has had a diverse culture. With the Egyptians, Aztecs, Romans, The Tang Dynasty, The Ottomans, The British Empire, and much more allowed the world to express itself in many different areas. The different cultures are not only defined by the ethnicity of the civilization but by the art type, architecture, food, language, and fashion.

Here is me in Cascais (kasha-kah-eesh), Portugal. Try saying that 3 times fast! Oh, and yeah my fanny pack is cool and yes, they are in style just look at Kendall Jenner. 

The One With Service Journalism

Welcome back to my blog! Wow, it is already blog 6 and already half way through the semester. Crazy! This week my class has been talking about service journalism and different ways a journalist can achieve service journalism. An interesting service journalism piece in my opinion is a historical piece. Historical pieces can describe how a building or a monument was made and why it was made. An interesting story would be the historical background of Walt Disney World. I would love to conduct an interview on why Walt Disney World was placed in Orlando, Florida and why Disney was designed how it was.  However, I am not conducting that interview. I am conducting an interview piece on the benefits of Dual Enrollment. Although individuals love Disney World I need to tell them the truth about educational futures. Even though it is not Walt Disney World it helps students in high school understand how they can improve their future.  Sometimes journalist have to give up their dream interview and present realistic interviews.

The One With Dual Enrollment

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! I have a new interview for you guys. Have you ever hear of a program called dual enrollment? Well if you haven’t, dual enrollment is a program for high school students to start taking college courses for free in the state of Florida.  I will be conducting an interview to help students in high school understand the benefits on dual enrollment. I will be asking questions to an educator named Michelle Brewster and a high school graduate from East Bay High School Hollyn Burnam, who was apart of the dual enrollment process to get their perspectives about the benefits of dual enrollment. Here are some questions I will be asking them…

  1. What is dual enrollment
  2.  Do you believe students should participate in the dual enrollment process?
  3. What do students have to do to get into the program?
  4. When should students start thinking about the program?
  5. What is the PERT test?
  6. Can students use their ACT and SAT scores as well to get into the program?
  7. How many credits at college can a student take a semester?
  8.  Can a student complete their AA/AS by the time they graduate high school?
  9. Is it only open to community college and not state colleges?
  10. Why do you believe dual enrollment is beneficial to students in high school?

The One Where Tarynn Was a Journalist

Bonjour! Welcome back to my blog!  As you guys probably already know, I have been planning on interviewing a Scientologist. Well, it finally happened. I finally interviewed a Scientologist. His name was Alex Waug.

To be honest, I was very skeptical about going into the Church of Scientology because of previous rumors I have heard about the members. However, I was quite surprised how nice everyone was. To prepare myself for the interview, I thought of every bad situation to mentally prepare myself for the worst possible outcome. So, when I walked into the establishment, I was quite surprise to see how nice everyone was.

When I walked into the Church, Waug was assigned to me. However, throughout the interview, I asked questions that he could not answer. The problem was, I had to get the information from a video Waug played me instead of him answering the questions. Although having Waug not answer some of the questions in his own words, I overcame the situation by incorporating a new point of view for my interview piece. The lesson I learned in conducting this interview is that you never know how an interview will turn out and you will always have to adjust your original story to get the best story.